IT Seminar - Webex overview

View the recording of this seminar (the password is Spring 2020).

Topic:               WebEx overview

Date:                Friday, May 22

Time:                9:00 am – 9:45 am

Online:             Via WebEX Events: Please follow the link below to access the session

Speaker:          Koorus Bookan, IST

WebEx overview

In this session, Koorus will provide an overview of WebEx focusing on meetings and webinars. The chat component will be enabled during this presentation to allow for questions to the presenter.

Speaker Bio:

Koorus is in Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS) of IST. The primary focus of his position is live online collaboration and teaching systems. Over the years, Koorus has implemented various platforms for live online classrooms, meeting rooms for administration, and research. Koorus also supports graduate studies applications such as PhD defense, webinars, and live graduate field work.

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1. If a password is requested when joining the meeting please enter ISTseminar

2. When you enter the webinar session, if asked to connect your computer audio choose ‘yes’.

This seminar was recorded  (password is Spring 2020)


This seminar is arranged by the IT Professional Development Advisory Group (PDAG)

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