Seminar - Educause Conference Highlights

Topic Educause Conference Highlights
Date Friday November 28, 2014
Time 9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room MC 2009
Speakers Andrea Chappell & Heather Wey, IST

The Educause Annual Conference was held in Orlando, Florida in October. Heather and Andrea brought back some highlights (but certainly not from the sun) to share. Some from Andrea’s highlights include:

  • Clayton Christensen's keynote on Disruptive Innovation and Higher Ed (or, What did DEC and Dell do that Waterloo can learn from?)
  • We all learn about leadership, but maybe we should practice followership!
  • Active Learning Classrooms ... what are they? Are they coming to a room near you?
  • Learning analytics (and what data can't tell you).

Heather will talk about ...

  • Digital badges to support professional development and career building.
  • Metrics can inspire teams: who knew?
  • IT communications
  • Brief takeaways from other sessions attended.

This seminar will be webcasted/recorded.  Please note that you can ask questions while watching the webcast (there is a link on the page).