Seminar - IT Committee Updates: WatITis; PDAG

Topic:     IT Committee Updates: WatITis, PDAG

Date:      Friday January 10, 2014

Time:      9:00 am – 9:45 am

Room:      MC 2009

Speakers:  Jennifer Brewster, Bob Hicks

Jennifer Brewster, the current co-chair of the WatITis Committee will provide a general overview of the mandate of the annual conference, share successes and learning opportunities that come with putting on such a conference, provide statistics on participation and share survey results from the past few years as submitted by attendees. There will be a call for membership with an opportunity to learn about the level of participation.

Bob Hicks will review the role of the Professional Development Advisory Group (PDAG), and its membership. Bob will lead a discussion about other IT training options such as, Skills for the Electronic Workplace (SEW), IT conferences, etc.