Seminar - Lync - More than Just Instant Messaging

Topic Lync - More than Just Instant Messaging
Date Friday June 6, 2014
Time 9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room MC 2009
Speakers Paul Dietrich, Trevor Bain, and other Lync guests

As many are aware, IST is implementing Lync as the primary voice communication service for the department. In addition to voice service, Lync also provides enhanced features such as Presence, Instant Messaging, and Collaboration. To date, users have focused mainly on the Instant Messaging service of Lync, but did you know it can do more than that? 

This session will demonstrate using Lync as your main voice device (compared to the experience with the current phone on your desk) and how to use the basic collaboration features available to you, right out of the box!

This seminar will be webcasted/recorded.