Seminar - New Student Print Management System

Topic:     New Student Print Management System

Date:      Friday November 29, 2013

Time:      9:00 am – 9:45 am

Room:      MC 2009

Speaker:   Bill Baer (IST), Randy Dauphin (Retail Services), Donald Duff-McCracken (Environment)

A new Student Print Management System will be piloted in the Fall of 2013 that promises to both streamline the printing process for students and to simplify the system for those that provide printing services to students. This project promises to 1) Improve the delivery of services to students, 2) Simplify the process of supporting printing, and 3) provide tangible green IT benefits. This new system will, for the first time, provide direct deductions from WatCard for student printing (bypassing the need to use a 'printing account') and further simplify the printing from student owned devices. 

This promises to be an exciting project and the team will share information on:

  1. The origins and need of the project
  2. The print management software and its features
  3. The piloting of the project in the Faculty of Environment, AHS and elsewhere on campus
  4. The partnership between Retail Services, the Faculties and others
  5. On future participation in this project

Please note that this seminar will not be webcasted/recorded.