Seminar - Project Updates: IT Best Practices; Service Level Agreements

Topic:     Project Updates:

           IT Best Practices (ITBP)

           Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Date:      Friday January 31, 2014

Time:      9:00 am – 9:45 am

Room:      MC 2009

Speakers:  Lisa Tomalty, Bill Baer, Bob Hicks

The IT Best Practices (ITBP) project endeavors to examine some key IT processes and define new best practices with the goal of improving the value of the related IT services. Lisa will give an update on the status and direction of this project.

There are a number of verbal agreements in place between IST and the faculties and between IST and the academic support departments.  In some cases these verbal agreements were made by people no longer working at the university. The first phase of IST’s SLA project is to document the current state of IST’s services provided to each faculty and to each academic support department. It is recognized that the current state may not be the desired state, but those discussions will come later. IST is working on different types of SLAs. One is focussed on client service (e.g. where and how do I get IT help?).  Another  SLA covers IST’s core technologies (e.g. networking). Another type of  SLA covers core applications (e.g. Home).  Part of the SLA project will be to document the role of the IST account representatives…the IST Client Services staff who work in the faculties and academic support departments. Bill and Bob will provide more information about the SLA project, including what is included in an SLA, project timelines, and the SLA project process.

This seminar will be webcasted/recorded.