Seminar - Virtual Applications and Desktops

Topic Virtual Applications and Desktops
Date Friday September 26, 2014
Time 9:00 am - 9:45 am
Room MC 2009
Speakers Manfred Grisebach, John Mayall

IST Workstation Services is building virtualization solutions that are already supplementing existing workstations in ways not as easily provided in the past. Anyone that has previously remotely connected to a workstation elsewhere to run something, might appreciate virtual applications available locally. Others may see value in connecting to remote workstations to do things like:

  • Running a different operating system than is installed on their workstations, tablets or smart phones
  • Gaining access to an ultra-secure, predictable workstation environment to access sensitive data
  • Or needing to run an older or newer version of an application, Java, .Net, or MS Office for example to do some testing or run that antiquated app

All of these are now better provided by the newest in Microsoft technologies. This seminar will be webcasted/recorded.