Seminar - WaterlooWorks Project Overview

Topic:    WaterlooWorks Project Overview

Date:      Friday Mar 7, 2014

Time:     9:00 am – 9:45 am

Room:    MC 2009

Speakers:  Dianne Bader, Director, CECA Operations and Susan Stewart,Program and Process Leader, CECA Operations

The WaterlooWorks project is a joint CECA-IST initiative to replace JobMine, as well as numerous ancillary systems in Co-operative Education and Career Action (CECA), with a customized vendor software package from Orbis Communications. The scope of the project also includes the Interview Day Services system and processes. The objective of the WaterlooWorks project is to provide CECA with a unified and sustainable systems environment that will support its core business processes, enhance the overall experience for students and employers and position CECA to scale its operations to meet the expected growth and emerging needs of its user community. In this presentation you will learn about the project’s goals, scope, approach, timelines, and lessons learned to date.  In addition, we’ll provide a “sneak peak” at WaterlooWorks.

This seminar will be webcasted/recorded.