Barb Katzenback.

Barb Katzenback

Assistant Professor

Current research in my lab focuses on host-pathogen-environment interactions and applies an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate how environmental stress influences the immune system, and health, of animals at the organismal, cellular and molecular levels.

Joseph Varga

Joseph Varga

PhD Student

My doctoral research focuses on elucidating the the role of amphibian host defence peptides in immunomodulation. Through the use of immunological and bioinformatics applications, I plant to characterize individual amphibian host defence peptides on the basis of specific molecular hallmarks.

Heather Ikert

Heather Ikert

PhD Student (Co-Supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research investigates the impacts of multiple stressors on fish DNA & RNA production and release.

For more information on my research please see my profile @



Maxwell Bui-Marinos.

Maxwell Bui-Marinos

MSc Student

My MSc research aims to elucidate the interaction between frog epithelial cells and FV3. During my honours thesis research I found that frog epithelial cells demonstrated a loss in cell viability upon challenge with FV3, while supporting viral replication, as determined by the detection of viral transcripts and increasing viral titre.

Nat Harper

Nathanael Harper

MSc Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research focuses on validating eDNA methodologies alongside conventional taxonomic identification in local waterways. 


2018 Arthur J. Niimi best student poster presentation, Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop

Alexander Douglas

Alexander J. Douglas

NSERC URSA Research Student

I joined the lab in Sept 2018 as an Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student and my research focuses on the skin microbiome of the North American wood frog.

I am a 4th year co-op student interested in gaining experience in molecular biology research. I hope to  continue my studies with a graduate program focused on eukaryote biochemistry or biotechnology.

Photo of Gajani

Gajani Nirthanarajah

Undergraduate Volunteer

I am a third year undergraduate student in the Biotech/CPA program at University of Waterloo. I volunteered with the Katzenback research group during the Fall 2018 semester and assisted with general laboratory tasks and developing inventories.

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