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Barb Katzenback.

Barb Katzenback

Assistant Professor

Current research in my lab focuses on host-pathogen-environment interactions and applies an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate how environmental stress influences the immune system, and health, of animals at the organismal, cellular and molecular levels.

Heather Ikert

Heather Ikert

PhD Student (Co-Supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research investigates the impacts of multiple stressors on fish DNA & RNA production and release.

For more information on my research please see my profile @



Maxwell Bui-Marinos.

Maxwell Bui-Marinos

Research Technician

Max just completed his MSc on the interaction between frog epithelial cells and Frog Virus 3. Congrats Max!

Lucky for us, Max has decided to join us a research technican for a couple of months to complete a few experiments and finish writing up his exciting MSc research findings for publication.

Nat Harper

Nathanael Harper

MSc Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research focuses on validating eDNA methodologies alongside conventional taxonomic identification in local waterways. 


2018 Arthur J. Niimi best student poster presentation, Canadian Ecotoxicity Workshop

Alexander Douglas

Alexander J. Douglas

MSc Student

I joined the lab in Sept 2018 as an Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student and my research focuses on the skin microbiome of the North American wood frog.

I enjoy hiking, swimming, and skiing in my free time. While indoors I spend my time reading science fiction, or growing and caring for various plants, animals and fungi.

Photo of Adrienne Ranger

Adrienne Ranger

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student

My Undergraduate Honours Thesis research aims to characterize pattern recognition receptor (PRR) expressions and functionality in two Xenopus laevis skin epithelial cell lines.  I plan to investigate the functionality of the PRRs upon stimulation with synthetic pathogen associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) such as Poly(I:C) in order to evaluate and compare frog skin cell susceptibility and resist


Simi (Jasmin) Zhang

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student

My undergraduate research will focus on the antiviral properties of brevinin-1SY, an antimicrobial peptide isolated from wood frogs (Rana sylvatica), against frog virus 3 (FV3).

Photo of Brandon

Brandon Morningstar

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student

My Undergraduate Honours Thesis will focus on elucidating the mechanism of cell death of Xenopus laevis epithelial cells in response to pathogen challenge. I plan to determine the mechanism of cell death in response to Frog Virus 3 (FV3) challenge, and supernatants from Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) and Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal).

Photo of Anson, Shuo, Mitchel and Alan

Alan Huang, Anson Lau, Mitchel Crombeen, Shuo Liu

Fourth Year Engineering Design Students

Photo Left to Right: Anson Lau, Shuo Liu, Mitchel Crombeen, Alan Huang

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