Graduate student profiles

Lauren Todd

Lauren Todd

NSERC Post Doctoral Fellow

My research interests include non-coding RNA-based mechanisms that regulate of gene expression as it relates to the host-pathogen interactions in wildlife infectious diseases. My current research as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow focuses on microRNA-mediated regulation of the amphibian immune system in response to Frog Virus 3 infection.

Nat Harper

Nathanael Harper

PhD Student (Co-supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research focuses on validating eDNA methodologies alongside conventional taxonomic identification in local waterways. 


2019 Ages Foundation Bursary from rare Charitable Research Reserve ($4,000 – 1st place prize)

Heather Ikert

Heather Ikert

PhD Student (Co-Supervised with Dr. Paul Craig)

My research investigates the impacts of multiple stressors on fish DNA & RNA production and release. For more information on my research please see my profile at



Alexander Douglas

Alexander J. Douglas

PhD Student

I began research for my thesis in Fall 2019. I am working to assemble a transcriptome of North American wood frog skin and isolate transcripts of novel antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). I will be investigating the effects of these AMPs on a panel of microbes, the epizootic amphibian pathogen Frog Virus 3, and cultured frog cells.

Erika holding a fish

Erika Burton

MSc Student (co-supervised with Mark Servos)

My research is focused on developing and using environmental DNA methodologies to characterize fish populations in remote Patagonian rivers.