Emergency room physician

Dan Honsinger profile pictureFor Dr. Dan Honsinger (Kin, ‘03) the only thing routine about his day is knowing when it starts and ends. As a physician in a busy Emergency Room, no two days are ever the same.

The path to his current role started in Kinesiology. A Waterloo resident, the initial attraction to attend Waterloo was the opportunity to stay close home (and save some money!).

As an active, athletic person, choosing Kinesiology was easy – it also helped that the program was recognized for providing an outstanding science-based background, and had a reputation for excellence.

But Dr. Honsingers’s true appreciation for the Kinesiology program came after graduation. Once enrolled in medical school, he was amazed at how much of the material he was already familiar with. “The first year-and-a-half of medical school was essentially a review of material covered in Kinesiology,” he explains. “From anatomy to neurophysiology, I had studied a vast majority of the material before. Very few of my classmates could say the same thing about their undergraduate education.”

Dr. Honsinger has taken the knowledge he’s gained and transferred that to his role as an Emergency Room physician at the West Parry Sound Health Centre – a 90 bed hospital in Parry Sound, Ontario, providing full service emergency, inpatient, ambulatory, and operative services. Occasionally he also covers inpatient wards and assists in the operating theatre.

It is the variety offered by Emergency Medicine that makes this job most interesting.  From one minute to the next you may be reassuring parents of a sick child, setting a fracture, stitching a laceration, or performing CPR on someone who is critically ill - and you never know what will come in next.

For those looking for exceptional preparation for career as a health care professional, the Kinesiology program delivers the know-how to excel in your chosen field.

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