Caitlin McArthurCaitlin McArthur didn’t always know she wanted to become a physiotherapist, but after studying Kinesiology at Waterloo she discovered her true calling. Caitlin works in the long-term care industry; her clients consisting mainly of individuals above the age of 65. Her main responsibilities include assessing and re-assessing patients, and participating in family care conferences where a team of health professionals and the patient come together to discuss and assess the patient’s health and lifestyle.

Caitlin chose to study Waterloo Kinesiology because of its reputation as the only program of its kind. Since Waterloo established the first Kinesiology department in the world, she recognized the institution as a leader in this field. Now that she has finished her degree, she can vouch for the excellent groundwork the program instills in its students. She feels like she was better prepared than her peers when entering the University of Toronto for Physical Therapy because, among other things, she had a strong background in anatomy and physiology. Her foundation in these areas accounted for a seamless transition into the professional program.

Caitlin McArthur talking with Applied Health Sciences students

Caitlin (right) talking with Applied Health Sciences (AHS) students at the annual AHS Speed Networking night. 

Caitlin predicts that the demand for physiotherapists working in long term care will increase greatly over the years, as the aging population is projected to increase over the next few decades. She advises students wishing to pursue a career in physiotherapy to volunteer at organizations they may be interested in.


First-hand experience is a great way to see if a certain career or field is the right fit. Besides, giving back to the community never ceases to be rewarding!  

Caitlin’s interests extend past physical therapy as she enjoys teaching tap at a local dance studio in Kitchener-Waterloo. 

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