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Dr. Dan Honsinger

Emergency room physician

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Heather Moyse

Canadian Women's Bobsleigh team member

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David Nutt

Director of Soccer Operations, Saskatchewan Soccer Association

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Schad Richea

Assistant Athletic Therapist, Calgary Flames

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Richard Robinson

Director of Chiropractic Services for LifeMark Health

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Roger Takahashi

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Vancouver Canucks

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Dr. David Wilson

Family Physician

Caitlin McArthur

Caitlin McArthur


Colonel Jim Kile.

Jim Kile

Canada’s Army Surgeon

Colonel Jim Kile, graduate of the MSc Kinesiology program and now Command Surgeon for the Canadian Armed Forces. His unexpected career path began at the University of Waterloo where exposure to his supervisor’s network started his journey in the military and through medical school.

Dan Shea

Dan Shea

Stunt performer

Nel Wieman

Cornelia (Nel) Wieman

Senior medical officer, First Nations Health Authority, Vancouver, BC

A desire to transform the health-care system to be more culturally safe for Indigenous peoples has been the focus of Cornelia (Nel) Wieman's (MSc Kin '91) career as Canada's first female Indigenous psychiatrist. It was during her time at UWaterloo, both as an undergraduate and while she was studying for her MSc Kinesiology that she really discovered that some life goals she had previously thought unimaginable were attainable. From there, her path to her current position as senior medical officer began.