Director of Soccer Operations, Saskatchewan Soccer Association

David Nutt profile pictureIf you think it’s impossible to turn a passion for sport into a career, David Nutt’s (Kin ’01) story may convince you otherwise. David has managed to turn his love for soccer and a degree in Kinesiology into a permanent career with the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (Sask Soccer), a Provincial Sport Governing Body responsible for overseeing all aspects of soccer delivery in the province.

David chose the University of Waterloo because of the reputation of the Kinesiology program, and the opportunity to join the varsity soccer team. His time on the field and in the classroom taught him many skills, including leadership, teamwork, and how to overcome adversity.

After graduation, David worked for the Toronto Lynx Soccer Club and later the Canadian Soccer Association, where he managed the national youth soccer program. He is now working for Sask Soccer as the Director of Soccer Operations, overseeing the Technical Department, including player, coach, and referee development, and the Provincial Teams Program.

Sound like a dream job? It is for many, which can make the competition for employment fierce. But David found that his background set him apart; “my Kinesiology degree, along with my experience as a varsity athlete at University of Waterloo, were seen as valuable commodities in my industry.”

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