Assistant Athletic Therapist, Calgary Flames

Schad Richea profile pictureBeing a Kinesiology student means the opportunity to take part in a lot of hands-on labs and activities. It also presents the chance to volunteer as a Student Trainer, providing care for varsity athletes. Most students find these experiences valuable. For some, like Schad Richea (Kin '95), these opportunities led him to his current career.

As far back as he can remember, Schad was involved in sport. Whether it was a pick-up game, a provincial championship team, or high school athletics, he was always involved. The interest in athletic therapy came when he realized he would never play sport at an elite level – but he realized that he could treat the athletes who did.

His first experience with athletic therapy came during his time in the Kinesiology program at Waterloo; Schad volunteered as a Student Therapist for the Men’s basketball team. The experience had him hooked, and he never looked back.

Schad Richea providing therapy in a clinicAfter graduation from Kinesiology, he entered Sheridan College’s athletic therapy program as a direct entry (transfer) student. He also became the first direct entry student to win the Toronto Blue Jays scholarship, which is offered to a second-year student based on academics and extra-curricular activities.

Schad is now Assistant Athletic Therapist for the Calgary Flames. His role focuses on injury assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for injuries sustained by players. Looking back, he credits the Kinesiology program for providing him with many of the skills that he brings to his role today. “The Kinesiology program provided me with a fantastic scientific background and the ability to critically analyze and decipher information. My education was a great mix and I feel that it has made me a better therapist.”

University of Waterloo