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Creating a healthier future 

As the world's first Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, we continue to ignite an interdisciplinary approach to optimize health, prevent injury and illness, and extend the years of high-quality life.

Our nationally and internationally recognized and respected doctoral program provides the opportunity to understand cellular to societal implications of physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle - preparing you for careers in a wide range of health fields. 

Application deadlines 

  • February 1 (for admission in September)
  • June 1 (for admission in January of the following year)
  • October 1 (for admission in May of the following year)

Program overview 

In the Doctor of Philosophy program, you'll complete graduate courses including cross-disciplinary seminars and specialized graduate research seminars, complete comprehensive examinations, contribute to a growing body of knowledge through research and submit your work to peer-reviewed presentations and publications. Course work and research are focused in three fields: Biomechanics, Neuroscience or Physiology and Nutrition.

Admission requirements | How to apply | Tuition fees | Living costs

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A minimum residency of 9 terms from honours bachelor's degree, or 6 terms from master's degree, registered as a full‑time student, is required.

  • Full-time from master’s level: 12 terms (4 years)
  • Part-time: 24 terms (8 years)

Degree requirements


Applicants are encouraged to review the research interests of each faculty member. Before you apply, it is important that you contact the individual faculty member to communicate your interest and confirm whether they are accepting new students to supervise. To learn more about our faculty members – including their research interests – visit our professor profiles.

Our students are known for achieving high levels of autonomy in design, conduct and interpretation of their research topics. As a graduate, you'll be well-positioned for a career in teaching, research or industry.