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The purpose of the thesis proposal is to test the student's knowledge of issues (i.e., knowledge of the literature, measurement techniques, analytic procedures), directly related to his/her thesis topic.

This will be an oral examination. The scheduling will be done by the student in consultation with the supervisor and thesis committee.  Should the student prove to be weak in any of the areas examined, remedial work (for example, in the form of a paper or a seminar) will be required.

The committee consists of 3 members:

  • the supervisor or supervisor(s) count at one (1).
  • A minimum of two other faculty members; one of which must be internal to Kinesiology (Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor)
  • Chair (not supervisor).

A written version of the proposal must be circulated to committee members at least two weeks before the proposal date. The proposal must be defended in a session to which the public is invited.

This session will be chaired by a faculty member who is not a member of the thesis committee.

Possible decisions of the proposal are: accepted, accepted conditionally, decision deferred, or rejected.  A list of the revisions and how they are to be completed or a statement of the reasons for deferment or rejection must be submitted to the Associate Chair

If the outcome is ‘rejected’, the student is required to withdraw from the program. 

PhD thesis proposal procedures

Departmental policy recommends that the PhD comprehensive examination and PhD Thesis Proposal requirements be completed by the seventh academic term from the student’s first enrolment. 

To do

  1. The Student contacts all members of the committee to set up available date and time.
  2. Once a date and time is established and agreed upon by all committee members, the KIN Grad Office can help book a room.
  3. Form Submission

    Please complete the attached information form and return it to the KIN Grad Office two weeks prior to the proposal date. 

    Please NOTE:  A Chair is required for this presentation and should be appointed by your supervisor.

  4. FINAL Draft to the committee

    As a courtesy, provide ALL members of the committee with a copy of your thesis proposal at least two weeks prior to the presentation date. 

    A department copy of the proposal is NOT required.

  5. Invitation to Attend the Proposal

    The KIN Grad Office will announce the upcoming thesis proposal presentation to the departmental community by sending out an e-mail announcement one week prior to the date of your proposal.

  6. MSc Proposal Report

    The KIN Grad Office will provide the Chair with the proposal report prior to the presentation date. (On Campus Mailbox)

  7. After the presentation has taken place, the Chair will return the thesis proposal report form to the Kinesiology Grad Coordinator with the decision marked.