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Master of Science (MSc) in Kinesiology (coursework)

Residency/time limit requirements

All students should meet with the Associate Chair (Graduate) early during the first term to complete a Degree Requirements & Proposed Program of Study Form.

The minimum residence requirement for the MSc coursework/experiential placement degree is two terms full-time from an Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

All requirements for the MSc coursework/experiential degree in Kinesiology must be completed within three terms.

  • Full-time: 3 terms (1 year)
  • Full-time Coursework Master fees for 3 terms

In order to complete the program during this time period a candidate in the coursework/experiential placement program is expected to complete all coursework in the first two terms and devote the spring term to a relevant internship/experiential placement.

Under special circumstances registration beyond program limits will be considered, but must be approved by the Department Graduate Committee and the Associate Chair (Graduate).

Teaching Assistantship (TA's) and Research Assistantship (RA's) support and most scholarships are NOT available for the MSc coursework/experiential placement degree students.


There is no formal supervisor for incoming coursework students. The Associate Chair (Graduate) and the Department Graduate Committee will aid in advising students on program details, course selection, experiential placements.   

Degree requirements

Coursework option:

Graduate Academic Integrity Module (Graduate AIM)


  • Completion of a minimum of 4.00 units of graduate courses (e.g., 8 courses each at a 0.50 unit weight) plus 2 seminars. Of the courses, at least 0.50 units must be related to quantitative or qualitative analysis, such as research methods, modelling, mathematics, or statistics. In addition, a minimum of 2.00 units must be from the Department of Kinesiology. All graduate courses except seminars must be assigned a numerical grade. Students must obtain an average of at least 72% in the set of courses which they present in fulfilment of course requirements. Unsatisfactory academic performance in any one course will result in a review of the candidate's status by the Department Graduate Committee. If a student with a failed course is permitted to continue, additional work may be required to clear the failure in that course or an additional course may be required to replace the failed course. Alternatively, the student may be required to repeat part or all of the program.
  • Students must also complete the following CR/NCR graduate seminars:
    • KIN 670A Seminar I  (Fall)
    • KIN 670B Seminar II  (Winter)

Link(s) to courses

Academic Integrity Workshop

Graduate Studies Practicum

  • Complete the Graduate Studies Practicum milestone.
  • The practicum requirement is met with a one-term, full-time, program-relevant internship/experiential placement (minimum of 420 hours) to be arranged by the student in consultation with the Department Graduate Committee. The placement, objectives, and work required to meet these objectives are to be approved by the Department Graduate Committee and the placement supervisor.
  • Submit a discussion paper or case series related to the internship/experiential placement to the Department Graduate Committee.

Graduate Studies Colloquium

  • Complete the Graduate Studies Colloquium milestone.
  • Integrate the training they received through their coursework and experiential practicum, and discuss in a seminar setting how this could be applied to a health or kinesiology-related issue.

Other requirements 

  • Meet with the Advsor/Graduate Committee periodically to discuss course selection and program progress.