Information for

Master of Science (MSc) in Kinesiology

Residency/Time limit, proposal and thesis requirements

All students should meet with their graduate supervisor early during the first term to complete a Degree Requirements & Proposed Program of Study Form.

The minimum residence requirement for the MSc thesis degree is two terms full-time from an Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

All requirements for the MSc thesis degree in Kinesiology must normally be completed within the following time periods:

  • Thesis: Full-time: 6 terms (2 years); Part-time: 15 terms (5 years)

When nearing degree time limits; you will receive notification from the Kinesiology Graduate Coordinator.

You are required to submit a Petition for Extension of Program Time Limit Form (PDF) and obtain approval from both your advisor and the Kinesiology Associate Chair (Graduate) for the first 3 terms of degree time limits extension.

After these 3 terms, you will also require approval from the Applied Health Sciences Associate Dean (Graduate) and be required to submit a Progress Report and Detailed Plan for Completion of Degree Program along with the extension form. The progress report must be signed by you, your thesis supervisor and ALL committee members.

If the petition is not approved, you will be discontinued from your program. 

Students who fail to submit a petition form will be de-registered and will have a Required to Withdraw decision applied to their academic record and must reapply (to a future term).

Petition submission and approval deadlines in departments are: 

  • Fall – September 15
  • Winter – January 15
  • Spring – May 15


Your graduate supervisor will be able to help you get oriented in the program, select courses, and serve on thesis committees. 

Students who wish to consider a change in supervisor should speak to the Kinesiology Associate Chair (Graduate). Students who change supervisors must fill out a Change of Supervisor Form