Academic policies and procedures

Course assignments and exam policies

Read your course outlines
Students should carefully read course outlines in conjunction with the Undergraduate Calendar for full academic policies and procedures.

Examination and course assignment regulations
Regulations regarding examinations and course assignments are posted on the Undergraduate Calendar

Final exam information

The Registrar's Office provides details regarding Final Exam information, including information about Final Exam Relief accommodation in certain circumstances.

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Changing your program of study

I want to...

So I should

Change from Co-op to Regular

Complete a “Plan Modification Form” from the Registrar's Office and submit it to your Academic Advisor and the Co-op Coordinator in the Tatham Centre. *Please note: Students are permitted to transfer from Co-op to Regular provided they have not committed themselves to a job. 

Change from Regular to Co-op

Complete a “Plan Modification Form” and submit it to your Academic Advisor. Students must also submit an updated résumé. Decisions are made annually after the winter term. Plan to apply prior to the end of the winter term. The co-op program has very limited enrollment; transfer is sometimes difficult. 

Transfer to another academic program within AHS (e.g. to Recreation and Leisure Studies)

Complete a “Plan Modification Form” and submit it to the AHS Student Services Coordinator (located in the Office of the Dean of Applied Health Sciences, 3rd floor).

Transfer to another program outside AHS

Complete a “Plan Modification Form” and submit to the academic advisor for the program you wish to enter.  See the AHS Student Services Coordinator.

Add a minor, option, specialization, or Joint Honours to my Kinesiology degree

Complete a Plan Modification Form and submit it to the appropriate academic advisor for the program offering the minor, option, specialization, or Joint Honours.

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Transfer credit policy

Courses to be transferred from a previously attended university or academic institution must be relevant to the Kinesiology program and roughly equivalent to University of Waterloo's courses. Normally, only those courses in which a student has received 60% or better are eligible for transfer credit. The maximum number of courses which can be transferred is the equivalent of 10 units.