Academic standing and degree requirements

Grading regulations


Overall standing will be determined at the end of each academic term. This standing will be based on the cumulative average (CAV) of all courses taken at the University while enrolled in the Faculty (whether passed or failed). Please read the Undergraduate Calendar for official "Standing Regulations".

To recognize outstanding academic achievement, the Faculty has established the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Term Dean's Honours List. To be included on the Dean's Honours List, at the end of each academic term,  the student must be registered in at least 2.0 units per term and must achieve a minimum Overall Term Average of 80.0%. Please read the Undergraduate Calendar for official "Dean's Honours' Regulations".

Grade Decision of INC, NMR, or DNW

Grades Reported on Transcript & Grade Report

Fulfilling degree requirements

The requirements for the Honours BSc are 20 units. Option or Minor requirements may result in more than 20 units. Specific requirements are outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar. Always follow the Calendar degree requirements from the year that you entered the program.

Grade requirements

Honours: A cumulative overall average of 63% and a major cumulative average (Kinesiology courses only) of 67% is required.

General: A cumulative overall average of 53% and a major cumulative average (Kinesiology courses only) of 60% is required.

Time limit

Students entering the Kinesiology program directly from high school have 8 years from first registration at the University of Waterloo to complete the program. If a student transfers into Kinesiology after completing a year in another program, that student has 7 years to complete the program.

Recommended course sequence for required courses

Courses in Kinesiology are not separate entities but closely linked to each other. Each course is based on what the student has learned before and what will be learned in subsequent courses. The recommended sequence of required courses has been developed so that students follow a logical, coherent, and conflict free program.

Choosing free electives

  • Consult the Undergraduate Calendar and view course descriptions.
  • Consult the Schedule of Classes to determine the term course is offered.
  • Students interested in continuing their education at professional schools after graduation should consult the Professional School Preparation web page when choosing courses.

English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE)/Communication Requirement

Students who started in Fall 2016 or later will obtain their ELPE/Communication Requirement by completing AHS 107.


  • A completed English Proficiency milestone on a student's academic record will indicate successful completion of this requirement.
  • Transfer credits can not be used to satisfy the English Language Proficiency Requirement.

Residency requirement

Students must successfully complete all degree requirements within eight calendar years from the time students enter their program. A minimum of 50% of degree requirements must be completed through University of Waterloo courses. (See the Undergraduate Calendar for official Residency Requirement).

Transfer credit policy

Courses to be transferred from a previously attended university or academic institution must be relevant to the Kinesiology program and roughly equivalent to University of Waterloo's courses. Only those courses in which a student has received 60% or better are eligible for transfer credit. The maximum number of courses which can be transferred is the equivalent of 10 units. For details see Transfer credit policy.