Graduate student profiles

Nick Frank

Nick Frank

Researcher, Nike

Since he was a young athlete, Nick Frank dreamed of working at Nike alongside world-renowned scientists  designing sportswear to improve athletic performance. Completing a Bachelor and Master of Science in the Department of Kinesiology further developed his curiosity in biomechanics and helped him develop a strong foundation in essential research skills. Combining persistence with solid field experience helped Nick to land a position as a Researcher at Nike, where he designs exceptional footwear for basketball players around the world.

Michael Cao.

Michael Cao

Design Researcher, Idea Couture

Michael Cao graduated with his MSc in Kinesiology in 2018. Now, he is a Design Researcher for Idea Couture, a strategic innovation and design firm. In his work, Michael is responsible for analyzing human behaviour and making recommendations for product innovation and design. 

Brendan Pinto.

Brendan Pinto

PhD Student

Brendan Pinto’s pathway to doctoral studies started with a grueling athletic injury, and is exemplary of what can happen when personal experience meets passion and perseverance. His PhD research investigates the neurological response to biomechanical forces to inform movement interventions prescribed for injury, pain and performance. Brendan is also a recipient of a prestigious NSERC doctoral scholarship.