Any of these courses would satisfy one of your Ethics requirement:

  • INDEV 300      Culture and Ethics

  • PHIL 121         Moral Issues

  • PHIL 215         Professional and Business Ethics

  • PHIL 221         Ethics

  • PHIL 224         Environmental Ethics

  • PHIL 226         Biomedical Ethics

  • PHIL 227         Culture and Ethics (cross-listed with INDEV 300)

  • PHIL 319J        Ethics of End-of-Life care

  • PHIL 328         Human Rights

  • PHIL 329         War and Peace

  • PHIL 420         Studies in Ethics

  • PHIL 482         Harm reduction

  • RS 283           Current Ethical Issues

  • “Special Topics” courses: From time to time, departments will offer special topics courses that focus on ethical issues, and we would be willing to consider such courses as meeting the ethics requirement.  In order to get permission to have that course count, contact the department to obtain a copy of the syllabus or more detailed course description and send it to the KI Undergraduate Officer to review.

For courses not on this list, individual approval must be obtained prior to taking the course.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee the course will be offered. Some of these courses are, or may become, obsolete. They still need to be on the list for the sake of students who have already earned the credit.

The appearance of a course on this list does not guarantee that a student will be eligible to take the course. Many of these courses have pre-requisites or anti-requisites. Furthermore, many of these courses are restricted to students who major in that subject area. We include them here primarily for the information of students considering a transfer into BKI, a double major, concurrent degree, second degree, minor, or option.  We'll use this list to identify which degree requirements such a student has already satisfied in a previous course of study.

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