Each student in the Knowledge Integration Senior Research Project (two-term course, INTEG 420 A & B) works on a short research project under the dual direction of a member of the Department of Knowledge Integration and an advisor from a discipline related to the topic. The results of this project will be presented in thesis form, and will be critically examined by members of this and, where pertinent, other departments.

The students will present summaries of their projects on April 9. Details about this online event at: Knowledge Integration Symposium 2021.

Conference-style papers: link will be added here in April

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Senior Research Projects 2021
Student Title (with link to Abstract -- will be added by the end of March)
Katie Abrams Ordinary Anna: A Story About Conquering Worries Through Play Therapy
Hannah Anderson Trace Metal Levels in Tissues of Kokanee Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in Kathleen Lake, Yukon, Canada
Patricia Betts The Dissemination of Knowledge in History: A proposal to change high school history education
David Chobotov Improving Nursing Homes in Ontario: How the Evolving Concept of "Resident Centred Care" Shapes Long-Term Care Policy
Anvita Desai Reducing Implicit Biases through Organizational, Interpersonal and Individual Intervention
Kurt Dutfield-Hughes Improving Gardening Accessibility for Individuals with ASD through User Research and Graphic Design
Alexis Hill Assessing Climate Policy: The Power of Stakeholders in Decarbonization 
Luna Kawano Banff Isn't Disposable: a Pilot Reusable Container Program in Banff National Park
Megan Kish Exploring the Relationship Between Ethics and Engineering Education at the University of Waterloo
Matthew Koristka The COVID-19 Impact on the Canadian Air Travel Industry
Gabriel Layden Looking Ahead: Goal Setting as an Aid for Disadvantaged Youth
Harrison Lobb From Rogan to Spencer: Using Discourse Analysis to Diagnose Pathways of Radicalization From the Mainstream to the Alt-Right
Payton Mikrogianakis Converge Magazine: How interculturalism can benefit diverse interdisciplinary teams
Katharine Miller Integrating Community Agency: Philanthropies’ Toolkit for Collaborating with Recipient Communities in Global Health
Dinesh Moro The Role of Values in Canadian Physicians' Criticism of COVID-19 Lockdowns
Maryam Mughal Care and Co-Design: Understanding care-ethical implications of participatory patient care planning
Chase Norton Constructing the Past: Rambo and Platoon in 1980's Depictions of the Vietnam War
Utkarsh Pal Investigating the inflation within the English Premier League player labor market
Cassidy Raynham Coding Cubed: The Elementary Coding Unit-in-a-Box
Stephanie Reimer Rempel Trust, truth, and tales. How do I even know whom to believe?
Ellen Taylor Designing Inclusive Digital Ecosystems for Canada's Arts and Culture Sector
Piper Treadwell Talent Triangle
Zoe Whitman Transforming Cultures: building inclusive workplaces
Lindsay Williams Redesigning Social Impact Measurement: A New Tool for Early-Stage Social Entrepreneurs
Ariane Wilson Reframing Echo Chambers: A Call to Redesign Initiatives Against Misinformation
KI student Cultural Influence and the Effect on Depression
KI student To what extent does local consciousness in Hong Kong make an impact on the identity of Hong Kong people?