Collaborative Design Specialization


The Collaborative Design Specialization (CDS) offers students the opportunity to develop a concentration in design thinking, skills, and practice.  It is intended for Knowledge Integration students who want to gain greater knowledge and experience with design and real-world problem solving, beyond their core BKI courses. 

The idea for the specialization was proposed by KInnovations, a committee of the Knowledge Integration Student Society, and designed--collaboratively, of course--by KI students, staff, and faculty.

The CDS consists of eight courses, split into two themes: Collaborative Design Thinking & Skills, and Collaborative Design Experience.  
Design Thinking & Skills courses:

  • INTEG 120: Introduction to the Academy: Disciplines & Integrative Practices
  • INTEG 121: Introduction to the Academy: Design & Problem-Solving
  • INTEG 251: Creative Thinking
  • One additional design-themed course (of at least 0.5 credits) of the students choosing, to be approved by the Undergraduate Officer in Knowledge Integration (CS 330, DAC 303, DAC 309, ENGL 204, ENGL 293, ENGL 392A, ENGL 392B, STV 203, STV 302, SYDE 261, and SYDE 348 meet this requirement and have approval from KI’s Undergraduate Officer).

Design Experience courses:

  • INTEG 320: The Museum Course: Research & Design
  • INTEG 321: The Museum Course: Practicum & Presentation
  • One of the following set of courses (for a total of at least 1.0 credits):
    • INTEG 452A & 452B: Real World Problem Solving A & B
    • Or an equivalent two-term group design project course, to be approved by the Undergraduate Officer in Knowledge Integration

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