Remembering KI: A resource for KI students

About this project

Remembering Knowledge Integration is a resource that was designed for KI students as part of an INTEG 420A/B Senior Honours Project. It was found that upper year KI student often forget critical information from their introductory courses. This resource intends to help mitigate that problem by providing KI students a brief overview of previously learned topics. An in-depth description of this project, along with others from INTEG 420A/B, can be found at: KI Symposium Proceedings 2019 (PDF)

The following sections outline some useful links for students!


Design Thinking

  • Design thinking is a useful process for solving complex, real world problems. Check out this Design Thinking (PDF) one pager to learn more about the process.
  • Observing the world around you is a great tool for designers. Check out this Observation (PDF) one pager to learn how to make useful observations.


  • For a comprehensive Reading List, click the link to find the titles and authors of books, articles and other relevant readings you may have seen before.  
  • Check out these INTEG 221 Reading Summaries (PDF) for a brief overview of the concepts covered in INTEG 221.