Knowledge Integration Seminar

How Might I…Bring my BKI to the Hospital?

Potential future destinies for BKIs within the field of healthcare and my journey from BKI to medical school

When I was in KI, I remember feeling very overwhelmed by the idea of ‘picking a field to problem-solve in’ — I felt like I still loved learning about a variety of topics and I wasn’t ready to ‘pick’, because it felt like I was closing doors on certain areas of learning and opportunities.  For a BKI, going into healthcare may feel like narrowing your interests, but in this talk, I’d like to show you the variety of potential futures for BKI students in the field of healthcare, while also showing you how jobs in healthcare can actually encompass a lot of different areas of interest, even from within what may look like a very narrow job description.

Come to this talk if you want to hear more about the huge variety of different potential careers in healthcare — there’s a lot I wasn’t aware of as an undergrad. The list spans from the obvious, becoming a nurse or a physician to the more ‘exotic’ — becoming a child life specialist, an occupational therapist, or a doula. I will go through what these jobs look like day to day and why I think BKIs would thrive in them!

I will also spend the last part of my talk going through my journey to med school. It can be a mystical process to many and there is no magical formula to get in, but I will share what I did just to show one possible set of options. I will also discuss my experience so far and what I hope to do with my MD degree in the future.

Alex PearceAlex Pearce is currently a candidate for MD in the class of 2019 at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University. She has a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration with a minor in Social Development Studies and a specialization in Collaborative Design. She focused her undergraduate studies largely within Social Development Studies at Renison and Health Studies through the School of Public Health and Health Studies at UW. She did also dabble in political science and had a significant period of time where she thought she’d do social work or public health prior to applying to medical school. She aspires to become a rural family physician in the near future, as she loves the idea of a generalist practice with a wide scope of activities within her work week and over her lifetime.

Outside of medical school, Alex is someone who is very excited to own a Dachshund one day, tries her best at yoga as often as possible, and is currently working on finessing her baked goods game. She would also like to take this time to shamelessly plug a passion project she’s excited to have been working on —! Alex founded this project with a group of fellow medical students, and their aim is to provide an educational resource that displays patient narratives in a format that fits into traditional medical education models. Their goal is to encourage medical learners in all fields to incorporate patient perspectives in their learning. Katie’s INTEG 220/221 courses on epistemology were a big inspiration for this project — who we allow to present perspectives in medical education matters!

Here's a video of Alex's seminar.

Friday, November 2, 2018
Environment 3 (EV3), room 1408

Knowledge Integration seminar series Fall 2018