Knowledge Integration Seminar

Conflict Transformation with Contemplative Spiritualities and Mindfulness

Interdisciplinary thinking allows any industry to stand outside of itself just enough to observe its blind spots that need attention. As my own field of study and work has lamented, as conflict transformation has grown as a discipline, its leaders have become conflict technicians rather than conflict healers, limiting the potential for conflict to be transformed. When contemplative spiritualities (mindfulness) are brought into dialogue with conflict transformation, two different views of selfhood emerge. When laid up alongside one another, these views of selfhood challenge one another, making each discipline better. With respect to conflict transformation, an enhanced view of selfhood changes the way in which practitioners engage conflict participants, modifies the questions people ask and encourages a more fulsome dialogue allowing positive and lasting change to occur.

Betty PriesWith over 26 years of experience coaching, mediating, training, facilitating and consulting, Dr. Betty Pries is highly regarded as a Conflict, Change and Leadership Specialist. Betty specializes in supporting leaders and organizations as they navigate complex challenges, conflict and change. Betty’s capacity to care deeply, listen well and provide wise and thoughtful support allows her to help her clients engage in tough, meaningful and important conversations, set directions, and achieve positive organizational change.

Betty brings a wealth of experience to her work, having worked with a wide range of organizations, both nationally and internationally. Betty has extensive education, training and experience in coaching, mediation, negotiation, consensus building, consultation, facilitation, and organizational health, and has recently completed a PhD regarding Conflict Transformation at the Free University Amsterdam. Betty is co-founder and CEO at Credence & Co., a Chartered Mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada, a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario, and a regular instructor at the University of Waterloo.

Friday, January 17, 2020
Environment 2 (EV2), room 2002

Knowledge Integration seminar series Winter 2020