Knowledge Integration Seminar

Startup KI: Applying cross-cultural collaboration & design thinking to invent new things and make money

In this seminar, I’ll use a series of case studies to walk through some of my favourite applications of KI concepts in the exciting world of business!

Way back in 2012, my team’s Knowledge Integration exhibit focused on consumer decision making, using chocolate as a case study.  Since that time, I’ve worked at several startups trying to come up with new ways recommend the right products to consumers (conveniently, including chocolate). Together, we’ll look at why people like what they like, and different ways to go about the task of matching the right products with the right potential customers.

The first bit of the seminar will be adapted from a machine-learning presentation I gave at a technology conference in Baltimore last year, then we’ll dive into several new human-centred ways that my team has tried to tackle similar problems at my current company, Hubba. Just for fun, we’ll run the old Chocolate case study again to see if I can do a better job now.

I’ll also talk about what Product Management is, and how KI skills can be applied at both Bootstrapped and Venture-funded startups.  

Charlie MoscoeCharlie Moscoe graduated with a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration in 2013, and has been working at Toronto tech startups since he accidentally stumbled into a summer job after an intro from a KI prof.  His projects have focused primarily on virtual network visualization, in-browser videoconferencing, and product recommendations. He has worked with teams of designers, analysts, data scientists and engineers to produce solution for both large and small companies in Silicon Valley and Toronto. Charlie wears shorts to work and a suit to meetings.  He tries to book his work flights so that he can squeeze in some backcountry snowboarding on the way to-or-from California.

Friday, September 21, 2018
Environment 3 (EV3), room 1408

Knowledge Integration seminar series Fall 2018