Knowledge Integration Seminar

Games at work

Knowledge integration isn't just about finding connections across your professional experience. This talk is about the overlap between the things I love about my work, and the things I love doing after work. Specifically, I'll focus on my passion for board games and my role as a Designer at Overlap Associates.
I'll share some things I've learned from playing games, listening to game designers, and attempting to be one. I'll also speak about how I leverage these insights in doing things like designing project approaches, creating design toolkits, and practicing strategic foresight.
Come to this talk if you want to learn about how I integrate my interests in my work, hear what it's like to work at Overlap, or pick up a few board game recommendations.
Chelsea MillsChelsea Mills is a Designer on Business Development Team at Overlap. Since starting as an intern during her second year of KI, she has played a number of roles at Overlap, both contributing to the project work and designing project approaches for clients. Her experiences include managing design research, writing compelling reports, plans and proposals, designing "museum-like" engagement events, budgeting and building design projects, and developing materials that support others to practice human-centred design. In her free time, she enjoys board games and role-playing games, sewing her own clothing and costumes, volleyball, camping, and baking pies.
Chelsea graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2014 with a Joint Degree in Knowledge Integration and Mathematics.

Here's a video of Chelsea's seminar.

Friday, September 28, 2018
Environment 3 (EV3), room 1408

Knowledge Integration seminar series Fall 2018