Gordon Vala-Webb

Knowledge Integration Seminar

Building smarter organizations

We live in an increasingly complex, uncertain, and digital world. Our slow-moving and uncoordinated zombie-like organizations need to become smarter in order to survive. Utilizing a meta-synthesis of the latest research (crossing disciplines from management science to neuroscience and complex adaptive system thinking), the seminar will provide you with a complete anti-zombie kit that you can use to lead your organization back to life. Instead of stumbling around, your smart company will be able to learn quickly, predict accurately, and execute on decisions effectively.

Gordon Vala-WebbGordon is an innovation professional, organization transformer, and an award-winning knowledge management practitioner and thought leader. He has 17+ years of experience helping large / complex public- and private-sector organizations become smarter.

He is the author of Building Smarter Organizations, has a Huffington Post Contributor blog, is a speaker and consultant with his own firm. Previous roles he has held include National Director of Knowledge Management for PwC Canada, National Director of Innovation and Information at McMillan LLP, and Cabinet Office Policy Advisor (Ontario).

His teams have won a number of awards including Jive World's "New Ways in Business" and the Showcase Ontario Award for Organizational Transformation. He is on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Innovation Professionals and holds a Master’s degree in the Management of Technology.

Friday, March 24, 2017
Environment 3 (EV3), room 1408

Knowledge Integration seminar series winter 2017