Knowledge Integration Seminar

The Art and Science of Dealing with Uncertainty

We deal with uncertainty every day when we solve problems and make decisions. Most of the time, we can deal with this uncertainty by asking a second opinion, Googling our problem, or trusting our instincts. However, there are many situations where the stakes are too high to go on instinct, and when nobody (not even Google) has the answer. The good news is that almost every university in the world offers courses in the fundamentals of understanding uncertainty and that these skills are easily applied to careers in almost any field, from choosing medical treatments to making design decisions.

As a data scientist, it is my job to help my colleagues make great decisions by dealing with uncertainty in information. In this talk, I want to reflect on my own experience in learning data science and give practical advice on how students can plan their degrees to develop their skills in dealing with uncertainty.

Joel BeckerJoel Becker is a data scientist at Shopify, where he contributes to the data assets, pipelines, and insights that help Shopify’s community of decision makers and developers make commerce better for everyone. Before Shopify, he developed open source entity matching and data extraction tools with the University of Waterloo's NetLab, enabling leading-edge research in large-scale collaboration networks. He has a Bachelor of Knowledge Integration. Joel’s own research has focused on intersectionality in the workplace, student disillusionment, and how the structure of scientific communities changes over time.

Here's a video of Joel's seminar.

Friday, November 16, 2018
Environment 3 (EV3), room 1408

Knowledge Integration seminar series Fall 2018