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Knowledge Integration Seminar

Developing Your Exam Strategy

  • Do you find yourself panicking the night before an exam?
  • Do you have difficulty planning ahead for your exams? 
  • Do you find yourself cramming and trying to memorize the material for your courses and not actually learning it?

This workshop will help you to address some of these issues in addition to helping you to establish a good test taking routine that will help to reduce test anxiety. We will also discuss good (and bad) studying and test taking habits.

After the opening presentation, you'll participate in small-group breakout sessions:

Breakout #1: Developing Study & Review Strategies

You will learn how to approach reviewing and test taking more effectively and we will discuss different strategies for learning and reviewing.

Breakout #2: Preparing for Different Types of Tests

You will learn how to prepare for and take tests more effectively as we examine a variety of test formats and test taking strategies. The session will focus on multiple choice, problem solving and short/long answer questions.

Breakout #3: Creating a Personal Study Plan

You will minimize your stress around planning for exams by learning how to create your own organizational study plan in order to make sufficient time to study for all of your exams.

Friday, November 22, 2019
KI Studio (EV2-2069)

Knowledge Integration seminar series fall 2019