Stephie’s interactive documentary development experience

Stephie is working to raise awareness about science hesitancy and science denialism as her KI Senior Research Project, supported in part by the KI donor-funded Knowledge Integration Experience Award.

Here’s how she describes her experience:

I am designing and planning a long-term project that aims to support people who feel overwhelmed by the large amount of scientific information we read about in news sites and social media. The project currently holds the following title: Trust, truth and tales: What do I even believe? A proposal for an interactive documentary.

My goal is to create a better understanding of how I can foster an entire conversation around the nuances and difficulties faced by the general public when they encounter information outside of their areas of expertise. Instead of creating a singular film project, I focused on developing a blueprint for an entire social media campaign. It would support the film and allow for a broader discussion around the topic offering the viewers a central website that would give them a space for discussions, connecting them with others and provide further resources.