Allyson Stokes

Assistant Professor

Allyson StokesAllyson has an MA and a PhD in Sociology from McMaster University and a BA (H) in Sociology from Memorial University. In 2016, she completed a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sociology at the University Texas at Austin. Her research and teaching specializations include culture and creativity, work and labour markets, gender, social inequality, theory, and qualitative methods. She is open to collaborative work and student supervision in any of these areas.

Allyson is currently conducting research on workers in the arts and culture sector, examining how social inequalities connect to the development of creative economies. Her current project examines the experiences of filmmakers, fashion designers, and musicians in Austin, Texas.

Allyson teaches INTEG 251 (Creative Thinking), ENVS 131 (Environmental Communication), INTEG 375 (Gender Equity), and INTEG 375 (Creative Economies and Workers).

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