students on museum field trip in AmsterdamThe Knowledge Integration core courses are unique to the program, where students learn and practise knowledge integration and interdisciplinary collaboration.

INTEG 10 | Knowledge Integration Seminar

INTEG 120 | The Art and Science of Learning

SPCOM 223 | Public Speaking

INTEG 121 | Collaboration, Design Thinking and Problem Solving

PHIL 145 | Critical Thinking

INTEG 220 | Nature of Scientific Knowledge

INTEG 221 | The Social Nature of Knowledge

INTEG 230 | The Museum Course: Preparation and Field Trip

INTEG 320 | The Museum Course: Research and Design

INTEG 321 | The Museum Course: Practicum and Presentation

INTEG 340 | Research Design and Methods

INTEG 420 A & B | Senior Research Project A & B

For details, please see the KI core course overviews.