The theme of the 2015 conference was Driving Lean Change in Higher Education, and it was held on Thursday, September 10 & Friday, September 11 at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The main goal of the 2015 Lean Higer Education (HE) Hub Conference was to increase knowledge of current and emerging trends in Lean implementation and to develop a network of practitioners to support future collaboration among these emerging Lean leaders. During this conference, presenters shared their experiences in both plenary and smaller group sessions. It was an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other Lean practitioners from other universities and colleges internationally.

This conference was in partnership with the Lean HE Hub and was a gathering place for practitioners from all over the world using Lean methodology within higher education. 

Four Theme Areas

  • Beginning the Lean Journey         
  • Lean: Tools, Tips and Techniques 
  • Driving Lean Change
  • Building Capacity and Partnerships


September 10 & 11

Lean at Waterloo

Supporting the University's Robust Employer-Employee strategic theme and Excellence Canada initiative, Lean provides a consistent framework and set of tools to enable continuous improvement at Waterloo. Learn more about Lean, how it is being used at Waterloo, and how you can get involved.