Learning Environment Operations Group

The Learning Environment Operations (LEO) Group focuses on operational and evolving topics in support of the learning environment, Waterloo LEARN, based on the Desire2Learn software. Issues include day to day support, policies regarding its use, and plans for the evolution of the D2L and augmenting software. LEO is a "feeder" group to the Instructional Technologies Advisory Committee (ITAC), communicating to and getting feedback from that group's broad campus membership. LEO also brings forward significant issues and recommendations to the University Committee on Information Systems and Technologies (UCIST) for approval. The LEO group meets at varying frequencies, depending upon needs, at least once per month, and at times weekly.

Members include staff from key online learning environment support departments: IST groups: Instructional Technologies and Media Services (ITMS), Centre for Extended Learning (CEL); Blended Learning in Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE); Library.

Members include:
Scott Anderson (Chair) IST (ITMS)
Aldo Caputo (CEL email member)
Jason Greatrex (CEL)
Steve Bradley IST (ITMS)
Stephen Tosh IST (ITMS)
Dina Muenier (CEL)
Ishan Abeywardena (CEL email member)
Daspina Fefekos (CEL)
Katherine Lithgow (CTE)
Pam Fluttert IST (ITMS)
Mary Power (CTE)
Jason Thompson (CTE)
Sean Warren IST (ITMS)
Kari Weaver (Library)
Funmi Onikan (ITMS)
Gina Reichard IST (ERP)

If you have questions or concerns you would like the LEO group to be aware of please email learnhelp@uwaterloo.ca