Changes Coming to iClicker


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iClicker/REEF is going through a re-branding process to simplify their product offerings. The iClicker 7 local software is becoming iClicker Classic whereas the REEF cloud solution is becoming iClicker Cloud. Both solutions will continue to allow student responses with either an iClicker remote or a web-enabled device. iClicker provides a comparison of both software solutions.

iClicker will also be releasing a required update for iClicker Cloud (REEF) this July. As of July 15, instructors using REEF will need to upgrade their software to iClicker Cloud 4.0 to be able to continue running polling sessions in class. Students using the REEF app will also need to update their software from the Apple or Google Play store in order to continue participating in polling sessions regardless of whether their instructor is using the iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic with Reef enabled software.

To make the update a little easier, there is an update currently available, iClicker Cloud 3.6, that will allow you to update to version 4.0 within the software on July 15th.  The iClicker Cloud 3.6 software is available to download from the iClicker web site. The iClicker Cloud 4.0 software will not be available until July 15.

If you are using the iClicker 7.8 local software, you don’t need to make any changes this term.

If you need any help updating your iClicker Cloud software, please contact LEARN Help.