Daylight - Waterloo LEARN's New Look


Due to exams originally scheduled during the ice storm being rescheduled to April 25th, the LEARN update to Daylight has been moved to Thursday, April 26th at 8:30am to allow students to complete their exams without disruption.

With this update, users will see new navigation menus on both the system and course homepages, course images on the system homepage and a cleaner, fresher look with the new responsive design D2L has introduced with Daylight.

Here are a couple examples of the New Navigation menus in Daylight:

System navigation

image of the system level navigation menu in LEARN


Course navigation - student view

image of the course level navigation menu

Course navigation - instructor view

Image of instructor view of the course navbar


Waterloo LEARN will be updated in the Spring term.

What is changing?

Just before the Spring term, Waterloo LEARN will move to D2L's newest user interface (its “look and feel”), called Daylight. There will be no downtime for this update. However, users logged into Waterloo LEARN while the update is being applied will notice changes to the look and feel.

We recommend that instructors avoid updating their grades in LEARN during the changes. An announcement will be posted once the update has completed.

Why are we making the change?

The move to the Daylight look and feel is required by the vendor, D2L. Waterloo LEARN will benefit from a new responsive design, meaning a more consistent experience across devices. While the look and feel is changing, there are no functional changes to tools within Waterloo LEARN.  For general information on D2L’s new look and feel see  

When are we updating Waterloo LEARN?

The update is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 25th at 9:00 a.m. As details become available about how long these changes will take, we will post them on the Waterloo LEARN help site. Once the update is finished, we will post a system alert and an announcement in LEARN to indicate the process is complete.

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