E-mailing your class

  1. Login to Quest.
  2. Select Waterloo Student Admin.
  3. Select Inquire under Class Roster.
  4. Select Instructor Class Roster.
  5. Select the current term.
  6. Select the Course name.
  7. Once the class list loads you will see a download button you can click to take you to the roster download page.
  8. Choose the "I want a *.csv copy of this Class Roster." option and click download. Please note that depending on your browser settings you may have to "Allow Pop-Ups" to actually download the file.
  9. The .csv file should be saved to the location on your machine where downloads are normally saved.
  10. Open the .csv file, copy the email address column into the BCC: field in your email client. ***Ensure you limit the number of recipients per email to 90 or less to prevent the email from being heldback or bounced back.***
  11. If you will be sending large files please the instructions and video for using Sendit.