Using Sendit

Using Sendit to send your students files

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your uWaterloo credentials.
  3. If you have a large class, go to edit profile and uncheck the “Send email notifications”, (otherwise you will get an email notification every time the files you have sent are downloaded). You will receive an email telling you that your profile has changed.
  4. If you decide to make this change to your profile, you will need to log out, and login again.
  5. Enter the email addresses, 1 per line, of those that you want to send to (max of 50 recipients).
  6. Create a meaningful title so your students know the message is about class materials.  Add a message about the materials you are sending.
  7. Select “No” in “Notify when download occurs?” dropdown.
  8. Go to Upload files and use the Browse function to add the files to the list.
  9. Upload the files using the button at the bottom of the screen – Note - the email will be sent as soon as these files are uploaded and those who receive the email and link to download files will be asked to enter a pin number (included in the email students receive). They may also choose to email you a notification that they have received the files.

If you have questions please contact