Adding Teaching Assistants

TA roles available

Below is a brief description of some of the differences between the various TA roles available. For a detailed explanation of the TA and other roles available in LEARN please see our Roles documentation.

TA Level 4 – Same rights as an instructor (including creating Announcements and Content)
TA Level 3 – Can’t create Content and Announcements, but can create the Gradebook
TA Level 2 – Can’t create the Gradebook, but can mark online and add grades to the Gradebook
TA Level 1.5 – Can mark online, but can’t enter grades in the Gradebook
TA Level 1 – same as a student*
*TA Level 1 can only be added by an administrator (please email for assistance) to avoid situations where  instructors might consider using this role for students who are not yet enrolled in their course.  Note: TA level 1.5 to 4 are for TAs only since private student data is made available to them.

Adding TAs to your course site in LEARN

  • Select Connect then Classlist from the course navigation bar
  • Select Add Participants
  • Select Add an Existing User

image of the Add Participants dropdown menu with an arrow pointing to the Add Existing users option

  • Enter the TA's Last Name, userid, or student id number and click the search magnifying glass.
  • Check the name of the appropriate TA in the list of users that appears.
  • From the Select a Role drop down menu, to the right of the TA's name, choose the level at which you would like to enrol the TA (see descriptions above)
  • Select “Enrol Selected Userbutton found on the bottom left hand side of the page.

image of the add existing users search page

  • After you have successfully added the TA you can click the Done button or the Add More Participants button if you have additional TAs to add.

To change the TA Level

If you add your TA at a certain level, and then later decide s/he needs a different permission level you can change the TA's enrolment in the course.

image of the Classlist page with arrows pointing to the Enrollment button and the check box beside the TA

  • Select Connect then Classlist from the course navbar and select the TA tab
  • Check the name of the TA to be altered
  • Select the Enrolment button
  • Use the Select a New Role drop down menu found beside the name of the TA to choose the new TA level role.
  • Select Save

Note: Instructors are only able to enroll users with the following TA roles:

  • TA level 4
  • TA level 3
  • TA level 2
  • TA level 1.5

If you require assistance enrolling users please contact and include the userid, full name and role required.