Impersonate a test student

To see your course from a student perspective, you can impersonate the test student in your course. While impersonating the test student you can post to a discussion, take a quiz, submit to a dropbox and then, as yourself, go back and grade those items to ensure that everything is working as expected.

To impersonate the test student click Connect, and choose classlist from the list of options. Next, change the classlist tab to Test student.

To impersonate this student select the down arrow to the right of the Test student name and select Impersonate.

image of he selected Test student tab

You will then receive a notification advising you that you will end your session as instructor and essentially become the student.

image of the pop up confirmation of impersonation

To suspend your impersonation select the test student's name from the top right hand corner of your LEARN page and click the small x to end your session. This will return your session to your regular role.

image of the end impersonation end