Monitoring students' online activity

You can use the Classlist area to see which students are enrolled, which students have withdrawn, and which areas they have visited. This might be useful when you want to know how many students have read the assignment instructions, accessed a particular reading, or whether a group member has left the course.

Access the Reports area

  • Click Connect then Classlist in the navbar
  • Select Enrolment Statistics on the top tool menu.

Statistics View Progress

Viewing User Progress

Use this feature to view the progress of users enrolled in your courses.

  • Click Connect then Classlist in the navbar.
  • Find the user whose progress you want check and click the down arrow to the right of the users name and select View Progress (see screenshot above).
  • To check the user’s Group Enrolments, select the down arrow to the right of the users name and select View group enrolments for.
  • To view another user, click the < or > arrows to move through the classlist.
  • To view another tool, select it from the Reports list on the left hand side.

Using Discussion posts to assess participation

Discussions can be used to encourage student participation and the Statistics option within the tool provides an easy way to track activity of individual students.

  • Click Connect then Discussions in the navbar.
  • To view overall activity for all Discussion Forums, select Statistics from main menu and the View By User or Group (click Apply to confirm option) OR select View Topic Statistics from the topic dropdown menu

Discussions Statistics