Changing course images

With Daylight, all courses are created with a randomly assigned course image.

To change your course image, click the course home to get to the course homepage. From the course homepage, click the ellipses in the top right hand corner of the course image.

image of the course image menu with a red arrow pointing at the Ellipses and the dropdown menu

If you choose to change the image, you can select a new image from the D2L image library or you can upload your own image. The D2L recommended image size is 2400 x 980 if you are uploading your own image.

If you would like to remove the image from the course, click the Remove this Banner link from the dropdown menu. Removing the image can be reversed by going to the Course Admin -> Course Offering Information and checking the box to Display the image in a banner on the course homepage checkbox. This will add a image back to the course homepage. To change this image, follow the steps above.