Pinning and Unpinning courses

When logging into LEARN, users may need to pin their current courses to be able to see them in the Courses and Communities widget.

Student view of the system homepage with no courses

To pin your courses to your courses and communities widget, users have a couple different options. The first option is to access your course list from the waffle menu as is displayed in the screenshot below. Once you access the Waffle, you will see a list of courses you are enrolled in. To pin a course, click the pin icon to the right of the course title when accessed from the waffle menu.

Image of the system homepage with arrows pointing to the all courses link, the waffle menu and the pin for a course

You can also access all your courses by clicking the link to View All Courses under the courses and communities widget. 

image of the all courses page

From this page you can also pin courses by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the image for your course. The pin option will be available once the three dots are clicked. Pinned courses will appear under the Pinned section of this page and the Unpinned courses will remain in the unpinned section.

Image of the system homepage with a pinned course

Users with a significant number of courses they are enrolled in may decide to unpin older courses to clean up their view on the system homepage. If you would like to unpin a course, click the pin icon beside the course title when accessing it from the waffle menu or by clicking the three dots in the top right hand corner of the course image and choose unpin.