Adding a Feedback Rubric to your workspace

Adding a Feedback Rubric to your workspace

  1. To add a Rubric feedback template to your ATLAS workspace, navigate to your ATLAS workspace and click the Management tab, the Feedback tab and the Feedback templates tab.
  2. Click the Add a template button.

add feedback template to workspace

  1. Once the new page loads, click on the Select Item button to choose the appropriate Feedback template for your workspace.

select template

  1. Once you click the Select Item button you will be asked if you want the template to be applied to all assignments in the workspace. If yes, select the radio button and save. If you will be using different rubric template for other assignments choose no to see the list of assignments you want this feedback template to apply to.

choose template settings

  1. Click save.
  2. Saving takes you back to the Feedback templates page where you will be able to see the list of Feedback rubrics you have added to your ATLAS workspace.

confirm and add