Confirming your Pebble+ work has been submitted for assessment

Confirming your Pebble+ work has been submitted for assessment 

Some courses will use auto submit and others will require you to manually submit and occasionally you will need to manually submit to an auto submit assignment. This should help you determine which steps you are required to take to ensure your work has been successfully submitted.

  1. To see if you have already submitted your work, go into your workbook and click the “I want to…” button and choose share.

I want to menu

  1. Choose "For assessment", this will show you a list of workspaces you can submit to. If you see a red x when looking at the workspace it means you cannot submit. This could be because the assignment is not currently accepting submissions or because you have already submitted to this workspace. 

Select a workspace

  1. Click on the workspace to see why you cannot submit to the workspace. It is usually because you have already submitted.

PebblePad messaging regarding submission

  1. If you have already submitted there are no further steps required for you to take.