Grading Submissions

Grading Submissions

  1. When grading submissions in ATLAS, go to your ATLAS workspace and select the submissions tab.

submissions tab

  1. Next, select the submission title for the student you wish to grade. Once the submission is open you will see an add feedback button. When you are leaving feedback you have the option to "Leave feedback for the main asset" or "Leave feedback for this page".

Feedback button

  1. After you select the feedback button you will have the option to add feedback, a grade or both. 

add feedback or grade

  1. When adding feedback there is an option to "Release feedback comment now" or to "Hold for later release". 

feedback release options

  1. Add your comments and/or grade and release or hold the feedback.

added feedback

  1. If you choose to hold the feedback for later release you will see an orange exclamation mark indicating the feedback has not been released.
  2. To release the feedback and grades you will need to return to the Submissions page check the box beside the submission or the check box at the top of the page to select all submissions.

manage feedback

  1. Choose the "Release feedback to authors" option and click the continue button.

feedback release

  1. Next, select the type of feedback you would like to release.

choose feedback to release

  1. Next, you will see the confirmation page indicating the feedback was successfully released.

feedback release successful

  1. Once you have released the feedback, return to the submissions page where you will see a green arrow indicating the feedback has been released.

released feedback